Our 1st Blog post is about Our 1st Legal battle...

February 14, 2014 we received an email from Donna J. Bunton from Nixon and Vanderhye "attorneys at law."

Dear Mr. Pertew. Please see the attached letter. We look forward tol hearing from you.


Donna Bunton

Donna J. Bunton, Esq.

Nixon & Vanderhye P.C.

901 North Glebe Road, 11th Floor

Arlington, VA 22203

703-816-4003 Fax: 703-816-4100

email: djb@nixonvan.com

I really did not need to view the attachment to know it was a typical C&D. For those not familiar, it's a Cease and Desist letter from some big law firm representing some big scary company. So what to do now? There are options. One, we could do as they say since, we are a new company on the block, or Two, we can stand up to intimidation and baseless threats.

We are choosing option 2, so stay tuned to see another David & Goliath story unfold.

BATCH vs. BACH flower remedies.


John Noah Pertew

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