BATCH sends Answer to Bach Flower Remedies Opposition

We had 40 days to send an Answer to the Opposition submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Bach Flower Remedies Limited. We attempted to get help from six lawyers through friends and family contacts and not one could help us at an affordable cost. All of them were unreliable, and some were actually rude and arrogant towards us.

We value people with positive energy and show respect and kindness to others. Our photographers Nick and Elizabeth from EN-Productions possess these qualities, same goes for our Package Designer Thais. So we were hoping to find a lawyer that could join BATCH in our infancy, who possessed similar qualities and saw the potential in representing us. We are a small business and we need affordable help to make a name for ourselves among the big companies.

So we ultimately decided to attempt the legal work ourselves, because we felt the negative energy projected from these lawyers, would not be good for us or BATCH. The lawyers on both sides stand to gain from this dispute, so this creates a major conflict of interest for the companies, especially the small company with limited resources.

Luckily, we began researching and building our case in January, so after the above lawyers wasting our time for a combined total of 30 days, we had to work quickly to submit our Answer to the USPTO. The handbook for handling matters at the USPTO is nearly 900 pages, so although I had evidence to present I needed to learn how to present it well. So I spent nearly 100 hours and sought help from my Mother; who luckily had experience representing herself in the past.

Now we wait for the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to complete the "Discovery" stage and find out what the next step is for defending our trademark.

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