Suffolk IP Clinic wins for BATCH ORGANICS!

Photo below: from Left - Paul F. Nagy, Eve Joy Brown, Nicole J. Cocozza and Kevin A. Jarvis pictured in the video above also worked a key role in our case against Bach flower remedies ltd.

BATCH wins Trademark Battle~!

Hi everyone! We wanted to share the amazing news that our small business won an almost two year trademark dispute against Nelson's, a large bullying corporation from the United Kingdom.

This never would have happened if not for the:

Suffolk University Law School Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic

They provided expert Trademark Defense and did not charge us one penny!

So we will be launching a Crowdfunding campaign soon to help support this one of a kind clinic that is helping Artists, Entrepreneurs, and small business owners stand up against bullying Corporations!

If you or a loved one has or will start their own business this resource could make the difference between their success or failure especially, when it comes to expensive legal disputes.

Donating to and sharing our future campaign will ensure that every Entrepreneur will know who to call when faced with a complex legal issue and will

Level the playing Field between Big Corporations & Entrepreneurs!

Eve Joy Brown and Paul F. Nagy teamed up to close the knowledge gap between the Business and Law Schools at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachucettes.

This is the only University in the country that not only offers their students the full scope of operating any Business, but no charge resources for Artists and Entrepreneurs that need sound, honest, and objective advice and expert legal help.

And they take real cases like ours to give their Senior Law students real world experience before graduating! Nicole J. Cocozza and Kevin A. Jarvis both Senior Law students played a critical role in defending our trademark!

We will need your help to share the crowdfunding campaign with your network, friends, and family; and donating to this campaign will be funding the growth of an invaluable resource for American Entrepreneurs!

We will email you as soon we launch the campaign which features our two boys Theo & Noah~!

Thank you for supporting our family business and we look forward to seeing you all at the Organic Farmer's Market soon!


Ruth, John, Noah and Theo!


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