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Meet the new owners of BATCH ORGANICS LLC.

Thank you to all of the loyal and patient customers during this transition!

BATCH has been in transition over the last year or so after finding new owners Lee Vuolo and John Rosati. Manufacturing and delivery continued while the website has been transferred and upgraded. BATCH U.S. Trademarks were also transferred by Bricolage Law to the operating officers.

BATCH will be launching a new updated product line at the end of 2018. Founder John Noah Pertew and Designer Thais Noguiera are consulting with John and Lee to ensure quality control in manufacturing and package design are maintained and improved; and assisting on new product development.

The BATCH team is committed to providing the highest quality and purest products in the world free from ingredients that harm the environment and are toxic to humans. Most products contain only 5 ingredients derived from organic plants and we are pushing for more sustainable compostable packaging options for you and your business!

Thank you again for your patience and the opportunity to serve you going forward~!

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