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"We are on a mission to formulate products with only basic ingredients and sourcing those ingredients from pure Organic plants, and using their raw beneficial properties to soothe, moisturize, cleanse, and restore our skin & your skin."


- John Noah Pertew

How it all began...



BATCH is an Organic, Sustainable, and Transparent Skin Care and Candle Company. 


     BATCH is now owned and operated by Lee Vuolo and John Rosati who are committed to expanding and improving John's original vision for manufacturing the purest organic skincare using only fully concentrated ingredients from organic plants. 


Lee Vuolo is Regional Director for Express Northeast with decades of experience in the retail and fashion industry.  She is John's first cousin and was one of his best customers and supporters before taking over the business.

John Rosati is a Nassau County Police Officer with previous experience as a candle-maker.  Also a huge supporter of BATCH over the years.  He is now a master soap-maker and skincare manufacturer while also serving the Long Island community.

BATCH is a registered trademark of the U.S.A.; BATCH ORGANICS LLC.

To learn more about the founder of BATCH John Noah Pertew's click here.



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